Past Presidents - Rykneld Bowling Club

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Past Presidents

Honours board pages
1919W H Thompson
1922J Peacock
1923W Village
1924F Mander
1925C Weston
1926Capt. Haywood
1927D J Bate
1928J N Nutt
1929H C Pattison
1930K J Armstrong
1931G H Baker
1932T Ray1933D S Butler
1934B S Thorpe
1935A Wormaid
1936 H Pride
1937J W Gregg
1938J R Greaves
1939F Smith
1940J Pinchbeck
1941A C Neale
1942A E Moult
1943F W Moore
1944S W Foulds
1945N A Marshall
1946W Mackinder1947A Milward
F W Weaver
1949G H Rowley
1950E Clubb
1951T H Arkwright
1952H V Mosley
1953H R Horne
1954J Thornhill
1955S Barber
1956S Barber
1957S Barber
1958S Barber
1959T H Arkwright
1960D Cameron
G Martin
P L Winfield1963Dr. W J Barbour
1964W E Mason
1965J H Scorer
1966P Eley
1967A Manning
1968L Inskip
1969A Manning
1970F McCabe
1971N Sharp
1972P J Bone
1973F Harrison
1974G F Long
1975R W Barker
1976C Ladds
1977A Manning
1978J H Scorer
1979F Harrison
1980G F Long
1981G F Long
1982R A Crofts
1983J D Macfarlane
1984J Lawson
1985B G Walker
1986D Meek
1987S Holbrook
1988J Leake
1989C B Smith
1990F Murfin
1991G Plant
1992P Fretwell
1993J Heathcote
1994P Fretwell
1995L McLoughlin
1996C Litchfield
1997K H Wright
1998L McLoughlin
1999P W Cooper
2000H Waterfield
2001C Hawksworth
2002J Lewis
H Waterfield

2004R Knowles
2005P Gregory
2006D Corbett
2007B Legg
2008G Lawrence
2009R Selley
2010P Squirrell
2011Mrs A Lewis
2012G Glynn
2013Mrs H Legg
2014S Wilson
2015R Bennion
2016Mrs M Moore
2017 R Selley / E Springer
2018D Young
2019D Young
2020S West
2021S West
2022S West

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