Derby Vets Memorial Cup - 25 July 2019 - Rykneld Bowling Club

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Derby Vets Memorial Cup - 25 July 2019

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Congratulations to the 1st Team Vets, who won the Memorial Cup on 25 July 2019 by beating Allestree 1st Team in the final - held at Chaddesden Park.
A magnificent achievement by the team and a ‘feather in the cap’ for Team Captain Gordon Lathwell.
The last time Rykneld won this prestigious trophy was way back in 1996 - so this victory should not be under-estimated.
It was a fight to the finish - with Rykneld winning by the slender margin of just 1 point.
An important step towards RBC becoming the pre-eminent crown green bowling club in Derbyshire.
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