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Tom Ray Memorial Cup

Honours Board pages
1944F R Innes
J Thornhill
1946T S Haldenby
1947H R Horne
R H Sturt

1949J Turner
1950J J Hough
1951C M Jones
1952C Martin
1953E Peach
1954E Moon
1955T H Arkwright
1956C Vallance
1957C B Whittaker
1958T Broome
1959H Corden
1960S C Thornhill
1961Dr. W J Barbour
1962W E Mason
1963H Taylor
1964E Henson
1965W A Townsend
1966E R Jackson
1967F R Innes
1968J Fisher
1969C Elder
M Rawson

1970R Manning
R Davidson
1971C Elder
K Tunaley
1972J Scorer
H Watkin
1973F Harrison
H Hatton
1974T Litchfield
J Rees

1975P Bone
A Fitton

1976J Scorer
L Rudge
1977C Haddock
G Henson

1978J H Scorer
C Haddock

1979N Burden
C Ladds
1980A Manning
A Oxspring

1981H A Watkins
J Hales

1982E Hargreaves
R Beach
J Wormington
S Scrimshaw

1984H A Watkins
J Wormington

1985J Wormington
F Jarrett
1986J Leake
G Plant

1987G Lawrence
A Ashdown

1988I Hamer
F Weaver
1989G Robinson
J Wormington

1990W Fletcher
B Walton

D Meek
R Baggaley
1992G Millington
H I Gregory

1993R Beach
J Jephson

1994P Gregory
G Glynn
J Leach
H Gregory

1996K Tomlinson
M Hardy

1997P Cooper
L McLoughlin
1998T Foster
M Ireland

1999C Litchfield
R Beach

2000D Sutton
V B Mansfield
2001W Fletcher
R Scorsby

L McLoughlin
S Wilson

2003W Fletcher
R Knowles
2004R Mansfield
P Fretwell

2005G Lawrence
G Lathwell

2006B Legg
P Squirrell
2007C Elmore
P Fretwell

2008G Glynn
G Haynes

2009G Lawrence
I Hamer
2010J Leake
C Horton

2011J Brown
R Wood

S Brown
R Wood
2013B Johnson
I Millward

2014C Elmore
R Wood

2015D Hayton
J Taylor jnr.
2016J Taylor jnr.
L Kirkland

2017B Legg
W Fletcher

Most successful winners of the competition:-
J Wormington - 4 times - (1983, 1984, 1985, 1989)
W Fletcher - 4 times - (1990, 2001, 2003, 2017)
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