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News 2021

1 December 2021
The Green re-opening has been set for Sunday 28 March 2022.

27 October 2021
Richard Shepherd and his outstanding team from Sportsground Maintenance & Machinery Limited of Leicestershire arrived at the Club this morning, to check progress of the green following the Green Renovation work that commenced on Monday 12 October. A further visit is planned early November 2021. See write up and photos.

12 October 2021
The bowling green closed for the season on Sunday 10 October - and external contractors (Sportsground Maintenance & Machinery of Leicestershire) arrived early Monday morning with specialised equipment to carry out a comprehensive Green Renovation programme.

This consisted of a) deep scarification to 20mm in two directions, b) removing thatch / other debris, c) applying 6 tonnes of dried Mansfield sand, d) direct drilling 60 kg of Hurrells 'special bowls' seed mix in six directions, e) verti-draining to a depth of 6 inches and f) applying fertilizer. This work was expertly carried out by the contractors (who were highly recommended) and completed just before dark.

No further activity will take place on the green (other than watering as necessary) for the next three weeks, whilst the grass seed germinates.

7 October 2021
Twigge comes to Rykneld. Click here

6 October 2021
Final internal competition of the season is on Saturday 9 October between The ‘L’ PLATES and RYKNELD ROVERS.
Roll up is at 10:00 am for a 10:30 am start.
Competition organiser is Ray Selley.

4 October 2021
Please note that the Bowling Green will close at the end of play on Sunday 10th October 2021 - for Green Renovation and Winter Maintenance.

25 September 2021
Congratulations to captain Ed Furniss and the Rykneld Premier Team for winning Division 1 of the Harold Fellows Monday League.
Rykneld Vets 2, captained by Bernard Johnson, finished as very creditable runners up in Derby Vets Division 2.

24 September
The 'Prime Timers' competition for 2021 took place on Thursday 26 August 2021.
Click here for photos.

15 September 2021
Presentations by Gerry O'Shaughnessy, 3rd Team Captain, to members of the Team.
Click here for pictures

10 August 2021
Wearing of Facemasks in the Clubhouse is now optional.

19 July 2021
All COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed in line with Government 'Freedom Day' announcements - except that the wearing of facemasks in the Clubhouse is still mandatory unless seated.

28 May 2021
The 2021 season started on Monday 17 May 2021 - with Rykneld Vets 2 at home to Rykneld Vets 3.
Click here for a picture of the Vets 3rd team, captained by Gerry O'Shaugnessy.

25 May 2021
After several weeks of delay at the factory (parts shortage due to the pandemic) our new Cylinder Mower - a Razor Ultra D140-T - arrived on Tuesday 25 May 2021.
This is a 'top-of-the range' piece of equipment from SiSIS Machinery in Kirk Langley. It incorporates the latest 'grooming facility' which raises horizontally growing grass prior to cutting - in order to speed up the playing surface of the Green.

21 May 2021
We are delighted that Simon Hardy from Dale Abbey Plants has kindly donated all the flowers/plants for the Club's hanging baskets and troughs. In addition, Simon is offering a generous 10% discount to all Rykneld members. Contact details - 01159 322728, 07919 156536,

18 April 2021
We are delighted to report that Sport England have recently awarded the Club a total of £5,021 from their 'Return to Play - Small Grants fund'.
This money will enable the Club to ensure that all members, guests and visitors are provided with a totally safe environment that meets all the issues reported in the 'Outdoor Back to Bowls Survey 2021' - as published by the Bowls Development Alliance in conjunction with its partners - Bowls England, the British Crown Green Bowling Association and Disability Bowls England.  

17 April 2021
Polo shirts, sweaters, etc in all sizes with club logo and name (if required) are now available from Adam Belso at Go Apparel (01332 556733 / 07470 634144). Suggested Club colours are Blue for men and White for ladies.

25 March 2021
Further information on Green re-opening:-
Sessions on the Green are for 1 hours from 9:00 a.m. until the final session of 7-8 p.m. daily - apart from Tuesdays, when the Green will only be available from 1:00 p.m.
Please do not arrive prior to your booking and leave 5 minutes before the end of your session.
All bookings are to be made through the Club Secretary - Graham Buckley - 07946 457060.

21 March 2021
The Committee is actively preparing all aspects of the Club for the 2021 bowling season.

The Green will re-open on Monday 29 March 2021.

In line with BCGBA guidance:-
The Clubhouse and Toilets will remain closed.
A maximum of a) two people from different households on the Green at any one time, each using their own bowls, mats and jacks – or b) one family group of up to 6 using their own equipment and jacks.
Social distancing to be maintained - and hygiene measure to be carried out.
A Schedule of Attendance - names, dates and times to be maintained of anyone using the Green. (As per last year Graham will do this - and must be contacted to arrange a 'slot' before using the Green).

The ‘Team Captains’ page on this website will be updated once the 2021 leagues have been confirmed.

For those who were not able to attend the Club's virtual AGM on Thursday 18 February 2021:
  • The Club’s Financial Accounts were approved.
  • Changes to Officers and Committee were approved. (The ‘Club Officials’ page on this website been updated).
  • Subscriptions for 2021 were confirmed at the same level as in 2020.
  • For members who had paid their subscriptions in 2020, there would be no further charge for 2021.
  • Any members who had not paid their subscriptions would be required to do so before playing this year. Payment should be made either by:
- Cheque to ‘Rykneld Bowling Club Limited’ and posted to Mr B Ladds, 14 Fernwood Close, Littleover, Derby DE23 6JB - or
- Bank transfer to ‘Rykneld Bowling Club Limited’ - Bank Sort Code and Account Number available from either Barrie Ladds or Graham Buckley.

17 March 2021
The Club is extremely grateful to the Tesco 'One Stop Carriers for Causes' Team for having provided funding in 2020; enabling the Club to purchase a further ten sets of junior sized bowls for use in its schools coaching programme. Unfortunately, Coronavirus prevented this program from being run in 2020. Any schools in the Derby DE22/DE23 areas that have an interest should now contact the Club, in order to register their interest for when restrictions are lifted.

14 March 2021
The Club is gearing up to open at the end of March 2021 - as far as permitted by Government restrictions; which means six people or two households on the Green at any one time. The Clubhouse itself will remain closed. Further information from the BCGBA is expected shortly.
'Deep Cleaning' of the Clubhouse, Toilets and Bowls shed by outside contractors (The Derby Cleaning Company) commenced as planned on Saturday 13 March. Two more days of Deep Cleaning are planned (Saturday 20 March and Sunday 21 March) to ensure everything is absolutely spotless and in pristine condition for the start of the season.
The Green is looking good - following an intensive winter maintenance programme by the Maintenance Team.
Please keep vigilant until such time as the 'all clear' is sounded.

13 February 2021
There is still no news from the BCGBA on what the 2021 bowling season is going to look like - however the Prime Minister’s announcement scheduled for 22 February may provide some clues.
Irrespective of what restrictions are removed, it would clearly be unwise for anyone to return to the Club until such time as they personally feel safe to do so.

The results of an ‘Outdoor Back to Bowls Survey 2021’ by the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA), on ‘the appetite’ of bowlers for returning to their clubs was published on 8 January 2021. The BDA is a partnership between Bowls England, the BCGBA and Disability Bowls England. The results are very informative and can be viewed by clicking here.

The Committee will ensure that all concerns reported in the survey are addressed.

So - how safe will our Club be when it re-opens?

The short answer is that it will be extremely safe.
  • A specialist cleaning company has been contracted to carry out an intensive ‘Deep Clean’ of the Clubhouse and Bowls shed. The cleaning process will be carried out over two week-ends, immediately prior to facilities being re-opened - and will make use of world-leading ‘ZOONO’ anti-bacterial cleaning solution, which provides continuing protection on all surfaces for up to 30 days after it has been applied
  • Further cleaning using ‘ZOONO’ will then be carried out on a monthly basis.
  • Sneeze screens will be in place at the bar and on the kitchen serving table.
  • High quality, automatic ‘Blade’ hand dryers will be installed in the toilets and passageway. These dryers incorporate HEPA filters to prevent any airborne germs being circulated, blue UV sterilisation lights to kill germs and in-built drip trays to avoid any droplets of water going on to the floor.
  • A contactless card payment system will be in place at the bar to ensure that payment can be made by either credit or debit card, if preferred to using cash.
  • Where cash is used, health & safety recommendations published by Derby City Council, (that make the assumption that all cash taken is contaminated) will be followed.
  • Use of Face masks in the Clubhouse will be mandatory and social distancing will be required.

As regards the playing surface:-
  • The maintenance team have been working as hard as possible (whilst complying with Government Coronavirus legislation).
  • A comprehensive bowling green maintenance programme, produced by the bowling green adviser to the BCGBA, is being followed religiously. This covers a) mowing, b) scarifying, c) aerating, d) over-seeding, e) fertilizing, f) applying top dressing and g) drag brushing - to a prescribed timetable over the winter months.
  • New equipment is being acquired to complement the green maintenance programme; a top of the range cylinder mower, a Soral roller attachment for connection to the Club’s Auto RotoRake machine and a Drag Brush.

All in all, the Club’s facilities will be totally safe when we re-open - and the green will be in tip-top condition.

5 January 2021
The outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020 resulted in the cancellation of all BCGBA league bowling for the entire 2020 season.
A few internal matches were held at Rykneld, and the green was made available for individual bookings - all in line with prevailing Government restrictions and track & trace procedures.
The bowling situation for 2021 is not yet known - however crown green bowling is recognised as an extremely low risk sport for transmission of the virus and provides for excellent exercise in the open air.

As and when the 'all clear' is sounded in 2021 the Club will be 100% ready to resume activities - with all health and safety measures in place.

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