Ladies Cup - Rykneld Bowling Club

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Ladies Cup

Honours board pages
Donor - W E Mason

1965Mrs M Sheard1966Mrs F Christian1967Mrs D A Smith
1968Mrs B Pickering1969Mrs W A Hunt1970Mrs B Pickering
1971Mrs W Hunt
1972Mrs P Manning
1973Mrs P Manning
1974Mrs M Brown
1975Mrs L Gunton
1976Mrs P Manning
1977Mrs G Sharp
1978Mrs R Allt
1979Mrs P Manning
1980Mrs R Allt
1981Mrs C Adams
1982Mrs P Manning
1983Mrs M Hanson
1984Mrs P Lawrence
1985Mrs J Walton
1986Mrs N MacFarlane
1987Mrs L Gunton
1988Mrs L Smith
1989Mrs J Murfin
1990Mrs J E Crofts
Mrs J Walton
Mrs J Walton

Mrs J Walton

1994Mrs C Adams
1995Mrs J Crofts
1996Mrs E Heathcote
1997Mrs P Lunt
1998Mrs C Barrow
1999Mrs M Wilson
2000Mrs H Legg
2001Mrs B Bright
2002Mrs M Wilson
Mrs M Wilson
2004Mrs B Williams
2006Mrs A Lewis
2007Mrs H Legg
2008Mrs Y Waters
2009Mrs S Jerram
2010Mrs P Bass
2012Mrs H Legg
2014Mrs G Selley
2015Mrs A Reid
Mrs H Legg

2018Mrs K Colebourne
2019Mrs A Lewis
2022Mrs K Colebourne

Most successful winner of the competition:-
Mrs Peggy Manning - 5 times - (1972, 1973, 1976, 1979, 1982)

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