Heald Memorial Cup - Rykneld Bowling Club

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Heald Memorial Cup

Honours board pages
Rykneld Scratch Challenge

1978A Lawrence1979A Manning
1980C Elder
1981A Firth1982B Fishwick
1983A Manning
1984L Patrick
1985L Patrick
1986A Watkin
1987J Ashdown
1988R Beach
1989J Lawson
1990J Leach
1991J Leach
1992R Beach
1993R Beach
1994R Beach
1995G Plant
1996C Litchfield
1997K H Wright
1998L McLoughlin
1999P W Cooper
2000H Waterfield
2001C Hawksworth
2002J Lewis
H Waterfield

R Knowles
2005P Gregory
2006D Corbett
2007B Legg
2008G Lawrence
2009R Selley
2010R Selley
2011J Leake
G Lathwell

2013G Lathwell
2014D Hayton
2015D Hayton
2016E Springer
2017G Lathwell
2018G Lathwell
2019G Lathwell
2022M Bacon

Most successful winner of the competition:-
G Lathwell - 5 times - (2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019)
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